About us

My interest in phones dates back to 1999. Back then, each manufacturer only had two or three models…what a difference a decade makes! The mobile phone industry soon took off, so my hobby quickly became my ideal full-time career. My passion and my company soon grew. I started by repairing and unlocking phones for an independent mobile phone shop and progressed to dealing with high street chains who were so pleased with large organisations our phenomenally successful unlocking and repair service that the recommendations to use 07Heaven kept rolling in!

Our repair and unlock service

  • For anyone who needs their mobile phone (or other electronic device) problems fixed
  • To all industries, including other mobile phone shops, large
    organisations and corporate and recycling industries

We are the company that people turn to over and over again, as they know we can be trusted to deal with any mobile phone service required. We are proud to be able to offer a no nonsense, honest approach to repairing and unlocking mobile phones! Please read on to see how 07 Heaven can help with all your mobile phone repair needs.

Any Problem Big or Small

07Heaven is proud to state that, when it comes to repairs and unlocks, we will do our very best to fix the problem. Our No Nonsense, Honest Repair Promise offers everyone who contacts us total assurance that we will always do our best to deal with your mobile phone (or any other electronic device) problems. We also continuously invest money back into the business and keep up to date on all the very latest equipment that can help fix any problems that arise.

We are passionate about mobile phones and if there is a solution out there, we will find it. We will continue to invest in new equipment to ensure that we can always deal with the latest handsets.

Our Unique Service Pledge

We are also keen to offer our customers a prompt solution to their problem, which is why we pledge to deal with, and find a solution to, your query within one hour. We also have a large amount of stock (phone parts) available to us, which means a solution to your problem is within our reach.

No Fix… No Fee

If we cannot fix your mobile phone problem, you don’t have to pay us a penny. We can confidently offer you this as part of our service pledge as we know that, in the majority of cases, we can offer you a quick, successful solution to your mobile phone problems.

Our 3 step repair service

We Assess your mobile phone (or any other electronic device

We Locate the right parts
for your repair from our extensive stock

We Repair quickly and accurately - in an hour*