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We unlock & repair Samsung phones

If you have a Samsung phone that you need to unlock, contact us and we are confident that we can unlock it. Our success rate is phenomenal – we have experience in unlocking a vast range of phone models, including Samsung phones and we are fully confident we can help with any phone problems that you may have. And don’t forget – 95% of the phones that come to us are successfully unlocked within 30 minutes.

  • We stock genuine parts (no cheap imports)
  • Only be without your phone for an hour, not days like other repairers
  • No fix, no fee

Unlock or repair your Samsung

We unlock all the latest Samsung models

All Samsung including: B2100, B2700, B3210, B3310, B3410, C300, C3050, D500, D600, D800, D820, D840, D900, D900i, E1120, E2100, E250, E350, E370, E530, E570, E700, E720, E760, E770, E780, E800, E840, E870, E900, F110, F210, F300, F400, F480, F700, G600, G800, I600, I900, I5700, I8510, I8910, J600, J700, J750, L770, L810, M110, M150, M3200, M7500, M7600, M8800, P300, P400, P510, P520, P910, P920, S300, S3500, S3650, S5230, S5600, S7330, S7350, S8000, S8300, U600, U700, U800, U900 Soul, Steel, Vodafone 360, V200, V700, X700, X820, X830, Z107, Z130, Z140,Z320i, Z400, Z500, Z510, Z540, Z560, Z650i, Z720


We can also repair your Samsung in 3 easy steps

We Assess your mobile phone (or any other electronic device)
We Locate the right parts for your

repair from our extensive stock

We Repair quickly and accurately

- in an hour

Why Choose 07Heaven?

At 07Heaven, we are experts in mobile phone repairs and unlocks – and we can help fix any problem, big or small. We take pride in the service we provide to our customers, who return to us again and again, safe in the knowledge that we will deal with any mobile phone service problem that needs fixing.

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