Samsung Unlocking

12th June 2019

All Samsung phones unlocked with in 30 mins, and ready to be used with another SIM. Including all software and security versions on S8, S9 and S10.

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Samsung repairs.

15th February 2019

We only use Brand New Genuine parts on all our Samsung repairs. All screens sealed using the genuine Samsung adhesive kits. (Others use super glue or cheap double sided tape). Through our suppliers we are able to order any genuine Samsung part.

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Iphone Mircosoldering

We use one of the best companies in the industry for our Microsoldering work. Repairing ripped and component damaged Home Buttons on IPhone 7 & 8. Also restoring Touch ID so finger print works. Repairing Audio IC on IPhone 7. Water and physical damage to all iPhone to recover...

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We’ve started our 20th Year.

2nd January 2019

Happy New Year. We’ve been servicing mobiles for 20 years. That’s why we’re Burton’s number one. We have a higher success rate than any other shops. (Because we fix their mistakes).

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Insurance Repairs

10th July 2013

Some insurance companies will allow you as part of the claim to have your repair done with us! After the repair we will write a letter stating damage and cost for your claim! Getting your repairs done with us, we will get the phone repaired quickly and we won’t...

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Iphone Wifi Repair

20th February 2013

We can repair all types of Wifi faults with Iphone 4, including weak signal, no signal and grey out wifi menu!

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Ridiculous Quote

18th February 2013

Have you had a Ridiculous Quote for repairing your phone, in the 100s? (excluding Galaxy, Iphone 5 repairs) One of the reasons is because its and easy fix, and they’re trying to make you (con you) to sell/give your phone in for scrap! So they can sell your phone...

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Water damage

18th January 2013

GET THE PHONE TO US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We also repair water damage phones with a high success rate! In some cases the “rice trick” can work for certain types of water damage but not all (light water damage)! We are finding that people leave their phone in...

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Unlocking ALL Samsung

19th November 2012

We can unlock all Samsung phones, new and old! All within 30mins*. Either by bringing the phone to us, or remotely online. Including Galaxy S3 and LTE version

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No Appointment Necessary!

No appointment is necessary when coming to visit us! Just pop in with your unlocks and repairs, and we’ll get you sorted!! Our Engineer is always here from 9am til 6pm but some evenings until 8pm when we don’t have to head to the suppliers, Please call before hand,...

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