Other Unlocking
and Repairs

07 Heaven
If you have a mobile phone that you need to Unlock or Repair, contact us and we are confident that we can unlock or repair it. Our success rate is phenomenal – we have experience in unlocking and repairing a vast range of mobile phone brands and models.

We carry such repairs like screen replacements, audio issues, water damage, battery exchanges, and charging faults. And don’t forget – 90% of the phones that come to us are successfully unlocked or repaired within an hour. (subject to parts being in stock)


  • We unlock and repair all phones and tablets.
  • We deal with all makes and models of mobile phones and tablets.
  • We can get most parts, like screens, batteries, back covers, charging sockets etc.
  • If we can’t find the part, but you can source it from where you got the phone from. We can fit part.
  • Only be without your phone for an hour, not days like other repairers. Subject to fault (component based problems take longer).
  • No fix, no fee.

If the unlock solution exists, we can unlock it.

We can unlock:

  • All Vodafone Branded phones made by the likes of Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE, etc
  • All Alcatel Phones and Dongles
  • All Doro Phones
  • All Huawei Phones and Dongles
  • All Lenovo Phones
  • All Motorola Phones
  • All ZTE Phones and Dongles