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07 Heaven
We understand losing data from a device can be a stressful and frustrating time.

Our team at 07 Heaven can help in most cases to retrieve lost data for a variety of devices, from a variety of situations.

Whether your device has died and won’t power on. Or your device has had serious impact or damage, and in many pieces. Or had severe water damage such as fallen in the ocean or toilet. We will try our very best to recover your data. We have a very high success rate in doing so in all the above situations.

Data recovery from any device

In a short amount of time we can recover lost data including documents, photos, videos, messages, music, crypto currency keys and more. From the simple to the complex, our data recovery service is straightforward and transparent. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, our expert team can get your lost data back.

  • Mobiles
  • Mac/PC/Laptops
  • Tablets
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The data recovery process

As part of our data recovery service, we’ll collect your device and perform an evaluation free of charge. We can help with most types of physical and logical damage, this includes:

  • Software issues
  • Liquid damage
  • Lost of deleted data 
  • Smashed screens
  • Severe physical damage
  • Charging ports/broken connector
  • Dead batteries
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Why 07 Heaven?

We’re trusted by our customers to help retrieve lost data and make their devices work again. Since we opened in 1999, we’re proud to have been there for all of our customers’ needs and have a successful track record of data recoveries. 

Our team has the expertise and programmes necessary to identify, separate and reassemble the flash memory used in modern devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Our Experience

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We’re located in the heart of Burton-on-Trent, above Tommy’s Fish Bar. This is where we began in 1999.

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4 New Street,
Burton-on-Trent Staffs,
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Find or contact us

We’re located in the heart of Burton-on-Trent above Tommy’s Fish Bar.